Miloptions is multi-specialty in beauty business, with a network which extends beyond Nigeria, where it has being serving the public since its establishment in 2008.

The network has distinguished itself by providing make overs for celebrity video shoots, models on runway, brides, make up training & photography for locals & foreigners for affordable rate.

When our practice started in 2008, our portfolio was limited to makeover & makeup training services over time. However, with God's blessings, our commitment to quality service and professionalism earned us a significant following of loyal customers who increasing tended to look up to us for guidance and consultation in skincare, hair matters that we did not originally think to cater for. We concluded and Miloptions birthed Miloptionsplus.

Miloptionsplus beauty is a unique skincare brand 100% plant base, it helps promote healthier looking skin complexion for both men & women. Recognizing uniqueness of each person and her situation, as well as the need of personalization and customization that this recognition entails, we work closely with our clients to help them find their options, and then, go all out to cater for their individual health and beauty needs.

We are currently located in West Africa, Lagos Nigeria to be precise.
All our products are manufactured overseas, locally packaged here in Lagos, Nigeria.
We strictly offer only delivery service worldwide, in just 24 hours after payment local delivery's gets delivered in Lagos and environs, outside Lagos 24 - 48hours, for clients overseas we have multiple options from DHL-Nipost.

We commit ourselves in every way to our customers for them to be satisfied.
Thanks for choosing us.